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Magnificent color like you've never seen before
ShinHan Korean Color gives artists a unique experience with distinctive Far-Eastern color tones traditionally created on 'Hanji', a Korean
rice paper.

ShinHanArt provides two Korean Color lines Artists' Korean Color and Students' Korean Color.
Artists' Korean Color

East-meets-West, traditional Korean colors
Artists' Korean Color is ShinHan's authentic creation, formulated from decades of experience and research into Korea's traditional color
palette. Although designed to be painted on 'Hanji', Korea's traditional paper, Artists' Korean Colors can be used on a variety of surfaces.
The vividness of each color reflects our use of only the highest quality pigments available. Artists' Korean Color provides a unique
opportunity for artists to incorporate Far-Eastern color tone into their artwork.

  • 50 unique and vivid colors
  • Highest quality pigments
  • Unique Far-Eastern colors from the traditional Korean palette
  • Authentic colors with Far-Eastern tone


Students' Korean Color

Explore our unique Far-Eastern colors!
Students' Korean Colors are ideal for students and hobbyists to explore the distinctive colors of the Far-East. Students' Korean Colors
provide artists with bright and clear colors at an affordable price, found nowhere in the world except at ShinHanArt.

  • High quality pigments
  • Far-Eastern tone and colors
  • An affordable choice